Connecting With Nature Spirits and The Fae: Second Sight- The Fairy

Connecting With Nature Spirits and The Fae: Second Sight- The Fairy.

via Connecting With Nature Spirits and The Fae: Second Sight- The Fairy.

Do you believe in fairies? Do you belive in nature spirits? I do.

Would you like to connect with them? They are elusive but this painting may help you connect to the doorways of their realms. The powerful healing energy of these beings are transferred into the art, regardless of whether they are a print or the original. I always say, “Nature spirits and fairies bring color to our lives.” They have changed my life.


The Amazing Story Behind Saint Germain of The Violet Flame

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Available in Giclee Prints at Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC Orignial available at
Available in Giclee Prints at Eileen’s Etsy Store. Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

Have you had your own experiences with Saint Germain? Please share them with us in the comment section of this post.

My portrait of Saint Germain is complete and ready for his new home. I also created affordable archival matte prints and high quality giclee prints from him.
I made quick video about it for you to watch. It is at the end of this post.

If you are looking for art that can raise your vibration, or the vibration of a room, I can’t think of anyone better to help you do that than Saint Germain of the Violet Flame. His energy is all about personal and planetary ascension, transmutation and transformation of old patterns into new and positive ones, and those energies are within this painting…

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What Does Archangel Gabriel Look Like? Part I

What Does Archangel Gabriel Look Like? Part I.

via What Does Archangel Gabriel Look Like? Part I.

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

December seemed the right time to conjure Gabriel’s likeness to paper. He was afterall, the angelic messenger who spoke with Mother Mary about the child she would bring into this world. I will also tell you more about my experiences with Gabriel. He is one of my guardian angels, he “walks with me” as I like to say.

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

He helps me so much with my art, my public speaking, the classes and lectures I put together. But he has also been there for me in the most mundane ways. Like the time he helped my husband and I out at a outdoor flea market. (I’ll tell you that story too!)

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

I’ve heard Gabriel’s voice. I’ve seen him. And so I will show you how he appeared to me.

I think this is what I am most passionate about with my Angelic Energy Art. Bringing to you the messages and the likenesses of the angels. Because it makes them real for you. Because they are real. And tangible. And accessible. They are not kitschy porcelain figurines sitting on your desk. They are amazing beings of God’s grace and  power and they are here for you and me.

Willow helping me with  Archangel Gabriel Portrait

Willow helping me with Archangel Gabriel Portrait

I will do it in installments, and to be honest, I don’t stick to a regular schedule. My life and whims seem to prevent that. So, subscribe to my blog or newsletter to find out when they are up.

Willow helping me with  Archangel Gabriel Portrait

Willow helping me with Archangel Gabriel Portrait

I put together a little video of Willow and I sketching today. I notice say “um” a lot. Oh well, let’s put the shadow of perfectionism and “getting it right” to bed, shall we? Or at least let it take a nap. Otherwise, I won’t ever post videos. ;)

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Second Sight -The Fairy

second sight The Fairy

Second Sight -The Fairy
16 x 20
Original Oil on Canvas

I named this piece “Second Sight” after the term used by my Irish family members when someone can see the unseen.

Story Behind the Painting: 
Once upon a time I moved into an apartment with my 5 cats that bordered on a wooded ravine. I was experiencing a major life transition so to help me through it, I immersed myself in gardening and painting. I also did not have my TV hooked up, only a stereo. It really did feel like I took myself off the grid and into a creative and healing retreat.

I noticed soon after moving in that I was not sleeping well and that I could feel strong energy coming out of my bedroom’s walk-in closet. I kept waking up, sitting up in bed and staring at it. Then I began to be awakened at night and I would see and hear what seemed to be little children running around laughing. One night they even had red balloons(?)

I slowly began to get the sense that they were not children at all. I had the sense they liked my cats, the garden, paintings and me, but they did not want me to see them. They were checking me out for sure.

It was confirmed one night when for some reason I woke up suddenly. I did not sit up, but my eyes just popped opened. There I saw a female, sitting on the bed by my shoulder and gazing at me as I slept. When she saw that I was awake, but more amazingly, that I could see her!

She looked all at once startled, surprised and alarmed. She immediately rifted or floated backwards without touching the ground so quickly it looked like special effects in a movie into the closet. There had been others in the room with her but all disappeared at the same time.

This is what she looked like; she was the height of a child maybe three feet tall. She had on a gray coat that had a gray furred collar and a gray hat with a grey furred rim, a lot like a Russian military uniform. Her eyes were catlike and her eyebrows very tufted and pronounced. Her ears looked like they may have been pointed. She did not look young, but did not look old either.

She inspired me to paint this, and I re-created her face here. The colors represent transparency and how Nature spirits can blend into the natural world around us. Not easily seen except by those with “Second Sight” or those they choose to allow to see them.

I hope you enjoy her energy in this painting as much as I do. Anyone looking to connect deeper to the Nature realm will enjoy the magical energy that this painting creates around us.

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